MDEC 2007, October 1-5, 2007, Richmond Hill, ON

Conference Presentations

Conference agenda

Keynote Address: Air Pollution, Climate Change, and Health Effects of Diesel Emissions
Alan Abelsohn (University of Toronto)
Testing of a diesel particulate filter with active regeneration during vehicle Operation
Frank Stephan (MANN + HUMMEL GmbH, Germany)
An actively regenerated diesel exhaust particulate filter that demonstrates significant NO2 reduction
Frank S. DePetrillo, Osama M. Ibrahim, and Hans M. Wenghoefer (Rypos, Inc.)
Diesel particle filters with active regeneration in mining – practical experiences from different mines
Hans-Jörg Rembor (HUSS Umwelttechnik GmbH)
MSHA’s DPM rule for metal and nonmetal mines
George Saseen and William Pomroy (MSHA)
Effect of intake air with methane on diesel engine emissions with control technologies
M. Gangal, B. Rubeli, D. Young (NRCan), N. Paas (Dry System Technologies), and T. Robson (Quinsam Coal)
Examination of diesel aftertreatment systems at NIOSH Lake Lynn Laboratory
Aleksandar D. Bugarski, George H. Schnakenberg, Jon A. Hummer, Emanuel Cauda, Samuel J. Janisko, and Laryy D. Patts (NIOSH)
The effects of depth on diesel engine emissions in an underground mine
B. Rubeli, M. Gangal (NRCan), and D. Counter (Xstrata Copper)
An update on the retrofitting construction equipment project with emission control technologies
Michael C. Block (Emisstar LLC)
Managing PM and NO2 emissions
Kevin Brown (Engine Control Systems)
Diesel particulate filters—the safe approach to a project, case study
D. O'Connor, M. Bond, C. Larochelle, J. Stachulak (CVRD Inco Creighton Mine)
Diesel particulate filters—USW perspective
Peter Saal, and M. Bond (United Steelworkers 6500)
DPM research at university of Missouri-Rolla, an update
Jerry Tien (University of Missouri-Rolla)
Real-time optimized ventilation-On-demand
Alexandre Cervinka (Newtrax Technologies) and Michel Massé (Simsmart Technologies)
Designing and implementing an energy-efficient tunnel development ventilation system meeting the increased diesel traffic required for the Niagara tunnel project
Arun J. Basu (M&I Cogemacoustic Alliance), Mark M. Andersen, Patrick Oriez, and Bennoit Houseaux (ECE SA Cogemacoustic)
Effect of biodiesel blended fuel on emissions of a diesel engine equipped with emission control technologies
D. Young, M. Gangal, B. Rubeli, (NRCan), N. Paas (Dry Systems Technologies), and T. Robson (Quinsam Coal)
Effect of biodiesel blended diesel fuel (B20) on diesel particulate filter behaviour
Hannu Jääskeläinen and James S. Wallace (Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering, University of Toronto)
High efficiency oil bypass filtration system keeps engine and hydraulic oil clean
Kevin G. Kroger (PuraDYN Filter Technologies)
Final Plenary Consultation
Mahe Gangal (Co-chair MDEC Conference)

Diesel Workshop

Workshop agenda & presentations