MDEC 2012, October 2-4, 2012, Toronto, ON

Conference Presentations

Conference agenda

Keynote Address: Diesel exhaust emissions, health effects and regulations
Roger O. McClellan, Advisor, Toxicology and Human Health Risk Analysis
Next generation Fuel Cell Power Modules – performance and reliability with ease of integration for mining applications
Rob Del Core (Hydrogenics Corporation)
Hydrogen power applications to mining
Marc Bétournay and Brent Rubeli (CanmetMINING)
Progress toward an operational DPF for heavy duty engines
Joe Stachulak (Vale)
Comparison of diesel particulate filter types used in underground mining
Paul Grylls and Joe Aleixo (DCL International)
Effects of sintered metal filter systems on emissions from light-duty diesel powered underground mining vehicles
Aleksandar D. Bugarski & Steven Mischler (NIOSH) and Jozef Stachulak (Vale)
Maintenance based emissions test protocols
Sean McGinn (MKNIZD Factors)
Reducing emissions and fuel consumption enhancing equipment management
Marty Worth (Whayne Supply Company)
Summary of worldwide underground mine diesel regulations
Mahe Gangal (CametMINING)
Hybrid and battery/electric vehicles for underground mines
Pierre Laliberté and Brent Rubeli (Canmet-MINING)
Considerations when deciding between an electric Loader and a diesel Loader
Mark Ryan and Dale Rakochy (Sandvik Mining and Construction)
The green mining vehicles – Green energy application road map
Marc Bétournay and David Young (CanmetMINING)
New NH3-SCR catalyst for DeNOx reduction applicable to mining diesel engines
G. Caravaggio, M. Stanciulescu, R. Burich, and L. Nossova (CanmetEnergy), D. Young, B. Rubeli, V. Feres,and M. Gangal (CanmetMINING)
Determination of DPF passive regeneration temperatures using dynamic engine testing
Blake Keller (AirFlow Catalyst Systems)
Effects of low-NO2 continuously regenerated trap on aerosols and gaseous emissions from heavy-duty diesel powered underground mining vehicles
Aleksandar Bugarski & Steven Mischler (NIOSH) and Jozef Stachulak (Vale)
Monitoring DPM emissions in underground mines—an Australian Perspective
Peter Anyon (PM-Tech, Australia)
Collaborative R and D into effective optimisation of treatment and monitoring for DPM in underground mining in Australia
Colin Chandler (Peak3), Zoran Ristovski & Richard Brown (Queensland University of Technology), Le Jian, Peter Nicholls & Janis Jansz (Curtin University, Patrick Glynn ( CSIRO CESARE, Australian Coal Association Research Program)
Summary of MDEC 2011 Roundtable Forum: Advanced engines and fuels
Evelynn Stirling (Cummins)
Summary of MDEC 2011 Roundtable Forum: Diesel emissions and control technologies
Aleksandar Bugarski (NIOSH)
Final Plenary Consultation
Mahe Gangal, Co-Chair MDEC Conference

Diesel Workshop

Workshop agenda & presentations