MDEC 2022, October 4-6, 2022, Toronto, ON

Conference Program

Conference agenda

Conference Presentations

Keynote: Mining at Depth and Transition to Electric Vehicles
Peter Xavier, Glencore
Vale/Mammoth DPF Secondary Emissions
Brent Rubeli, CanmetMINING
DPFi™ Electrically Regenerated Particulate Filter System
S. Mack, Johnson Matthey
SCR System Failure Diagnostics
R. Deayton, Mammoth Equipment
BEV Program Design Journey
A. Griffiths, MacLean
BEV Relay Light Utility Performance Bench Marking Field Test
G. Li, CanmetMINING
Sandvik Batteries For Hauling Equipment: Design & Safety
H. Blinn, Sandvik
The Past, Present & Future: Diesel Exhaust Exposures in Mining – A Tool to Assess Lung Cancer Risk
K. Hedges, OHCOW
Mining Engineering Student Cooperative Work Projects
D. Campbell, UBC
Standards update CSA M424 Series on Underground Mobile Mining Equipment
A. Andronescu, CSA
Battery handling working group update
C. Allen, Vale
Braking system working group update
S. Holmik, Glencore
Cummins Fuel Agnostic Engine
T. Hovis, Cummins
Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles in Mining
J. O’Sullivan, Cummins
Hydrogen ICE Research
Brent Rubeli, CanmetMINING
Revision of the MAPTEST Protocol
Brent Rubeli, CanmetMINING
Adaptation of EPA Method 5 for Raw Diesel Exhaust Sampling
S. Mullin, CanmetMINING
Emission Reduction for Container Ships at Port Docks
M. Mazzuca, TF Hudgins
Optimization of SCR emissions control with electrically heated catalyst system
Rob Crawford, ATES
Performance Evaluation of Diesel Particulate-Filter Low NO2 CRT
J. Stachulak, MIRARCO
MDEC Plenary Consultation
D. Young, Co-Chair MDEC Conference

Workshop Presentations

CSA standard review: M424.0-2022
CSA standard review: M424.1-2022
CSA standard review: M424.2-2022
CSA standard review: M424.3-2022
CSA standard review: M424.4-2022