MDEC 2016, October 4 - 6, 2016, Toronto, ON

Conference Presentations

Conference agenda

Keynote Address: Technology and Innovation Driving Mining Forward
Mike MacFarlane, MDM Mining
NO2 formation and reduction from a Tier 4 final engine and aftertreatment system
Evelynn Stirling, Cummins
Low NO2 formation diesel oxidation catalysts
John Stekar, Catalytic Exhaust Products Ltd.
Laboratory evaluation of diesel oxidation catalysts for NO2 formation
Brent Rubeli, Natural Resources Canada
Controlling exposure of underground coal miners to diesel aerosols
Aleksandar D. Bugarski, NIOSH
New mine development considerations, diesel versus electric operation of equipment
Alain Landry, Glencore
The inevitable change to zero emission underground work environments
Mike Kasaba, Artisan Vehicle Systems Inc.
Evaluation of the CanmetENERGY prototype catalyzed diesel particulate filter: determination of the balance point temperature
Brent Rubeli, Natural Resources Canada
DPM Monitoring & Abatement Research at Virginia Tech
Zack Henderson, Virginia Tech
On-board monitoring of diesel emissions pilot project – June 2015 to May 2016 results
Paul Sheremeto, Pattern Discovery Technologies Inc.
Keynote Address: The Importance of Science Entreprise
Donna Kirkwood, Deputy Chief Scientist, Natural Resources Canada
2014 Ontario underground mine survey outcomes
Glen Staskus, Ontario Ministry of Labour
Ventilation system management – the balance between energy conservation and air quality
Michelle Levesque, Natural Resources Canada
Comparison of total mine airflow requirements determined utilizing a comprehensive new method vs. a traditional approach
Dan Stinnette, Virginia Tech
Diesel fuel properties
Don Munroe, Suncor
A Review of NIOSH manual of analytical methods Chapter DL – Monitoring diesel particulate exhaust in the workplace
Robert Stoyanoff, Golder Associates Ltd.
CSA standards update: M424 mobile equipment
Priya Malik, CSA Group
Diesel Particulate Matter Measurement Methodology, DPM Emissions from Mining Equipment and Measurement of DPF Filtration Efficiency
Erkki Lamminen, Dekati Ltd.
Final Plenary Consultation
David Young, Co-Chair MDEC Conference

Diesel Workshop

Workshop presentations