MDEC 2006, October 10-13, 2006, Richmond Hill, ON

Conference Presentations

Conference agenda (pdf)

DEEP’s Sunset
Bruce Conard, DEEP
Strategic Directions of the Mining Diesel Emissions Council & Conference Activities
Edward Richards, ECS
U.S. Salt Mines & DPM Control Strategies
E.Z. Manos, Detroit Salt Company
Impact of Stobie Testing on Inco’s Research Program
Jozef S. Stachulak, Inco Limited
Retrofitting Nonroad Equipment With Diesel Emissions Control Technologies: Croton Water Treatment Plant Case Study
Glenn P. Goldstein & Michael C. Block, Emisstar LLC
Diesel Particulate Matter Reduction: Practical Limits for Reducing Ambient DPM Exposure with Airflow Dilution
J. Daniel Stinnette, Mine Ventilation Services, Inc.
DPM Reductions at Underground Metal and Nonmetal Mines Using Alternative Fuels
Mark J. Schultz, MSHA
Testing a Low NO2 CRT DPF System
Darrick Zarling, University of Minnesota
Progress in the Development of a low-NO2 CRT System Suitable for Underground Mining
Alex Beavan, Claus Görsmann, Richard O’Sullivan, Joe Stevenson & Peter Werth, Johnson Matthey
The Longview Diesel Emission Control System
B. Edgar, Cleaire

Roundtable Discussion Summary

Training And Maintenance
Frank Woit, MASHA
Sampling Techniques & TLVs
Michel Grenier, CANMET