MDEC 2018, October 2 - 4, 2018, Toronto, ON

MDEC Conference

Conference agenda

Nanoparticle Emissions from Engines and their Health Effects from the Viewpoint of Engineer
Jan Czerwinski; AFHB, Biel, Switzerland
Canadian occupational burden of cancer project: Results for diesel engine exhaust
Paul Demers and Victoria Arrandale, University of Toronto
OMA initiatives on Target Zero + and MINED: Northern Mined Operations
Liam Anderson, Laurentian University
OMA initiatives on Target Zero + and MINED: A Lasting Impact
Shivam Sharma, Laurentian University
OMA initiatives on Target Zero + and MINED: Better Built Belts
Curtis Dykstra, Queen’s University
A comparison of approaches for simulating DPM over one hour in underground mines
Hongbin Zhang; Universidad del Desarrollo, Santiago, Chile
In-use emissions measurements of off-road diesel engines
Aaron Conde, Environment Canada
Tier 3 final off-road retrofit program—In-use compliance testing
Inderpreet Sran, DCL International
Diesel emission options for underground mining hard rock vehicles
Trent Kapene, Caterpillar
MSHA: Diesels in underground mining
Jeff Moninger, MSHA
Retrofit DPF Implementation at Goldcorp—Hoyle Pond Mine
Patrick Lessard, Goldcorp
The promise of an improved work environment and miner safety in underground mines
Michael Mazzuca, T.F.Hudgins
Controlling diesel particulate matter through filtration
Ralph Deayton, Mammoth
Innovation of DPFs from on/off road to underground mining
Stan Mack, Johnson Matthey
Heat Generation in Battery Electric Underground Haul Trucks
Brian Huff, Artisan Vehicle Systems
Economic benefits for using electric and low emission vehicles in a VOD system
Gary Li, CanmentMINING
Battery vs diesel—Underground LHD’s direct comparison of heat generation
JayArmburger, Caterpillar
Impact of Fast Charging on NCA cells
Bapi Surampudi, Southwest Research Institute
Occupational disease action plan (ODAP)and collaboration between system partners
Kevin Hedges, Occupational Health Clinics for Ontario Workers Inc.
Exposure of underground miners to diesel particulate matter in the United States
Aleksandar Bugarski and J. Drew Potts, NIOSH
Borden Gold: Mine of the Future: Update
John Mullally, Goldcorp
MDEC Plenary Consultation
David Young, Co-Chair MDEC Conference

Diesel Workshop

Workshop agenda
Workshop presentations