MDEC 2015, October 6 – 8, 2015, Toronto, ON

Conference Presentations

Conference agenda

Keynote Address: NO2 Underground: What Exposure Level is Safe?
Krystal Pollitt, University of Massachusetts
Battery powered LHD: Enhancements, paradigm shift and operational cost decrease
Rémi Desrosiers, GE Mining
The eminent demise of underground diesel power | Video
Mike Kasaba, Artisan Vehicle Systems
Kirkland Lake Gold’s experience adding battery powered equipment to the mine
Andrew Schinkel, Kirkland Lake Gold
Minecat UT150-eMV – Review of a battery electric underground mining utility vehicle
Marcel Demers, Industrial Fabrication Inc.
Effects of mining continuously regenerated trap (MCRT) system on the aerosol and gaseous emissions from a heavy-duty diesel powered underground mining vehicle
Aleksandar D. Bugarski, NIOSH
A history of diesel emission projects at Vale Ontario mines
Jozef Stachulak, MIRARCO
Emissions reduction of a Toyota Land Cruiser with a sintered metal filter
Michael Mazzuca, T.F. Hudgins
Issues with using higher blends of biodiesel than B20
Evelynn Stirling, Cummins
Hydrotreated vegetable oil renewable diesel as a control strategy to reduce exposure of underground miners to diesel aerosols and gases
Aleksandar D. Bugarski, NIOSH
Diesel Fuel Additives for Underground Mining
Brent Rubeli, CanmetMINING
Emissions based maintenance for fuel consumption reduction
Steve “Skinner” Forbush, Arch Coal
Keynote Address: Combustion-generated nanoparticles and their health effects
Angela Violi, University of Michigan
Diesel emissions trends and technology and regulations
Timothy Johnson, Corning
Diesel emission management plan
Jeanot Tourneur, Barminco, Australia
Opportunities and challenges managing diesel emissions at the source
Sean McGinn, MKNIZD Factors
Status of CSA mining standards
Oreste Simonetta, CSA
Diesel engine noise
Evelynn Stirling, Cummins
Real-time size distribution measurement of particulate matter in a mine
E. Lamminen, Dekati Ltd.
Calibration of Australian Raw Exhaust DPM Measurement Instrumentation
Brian Davies, University of Wollongong, Australia
Final Plenary Consultation
Mahe Gangal, Co-Chair MDEC Conference

Diesel Workshop

Workshop agenda

Workshop presentations