MDEC 2014, October 7-9, 2014, Toronto, ON

Conference Presentations

Conference agenda

Keynote Address: Ontario’s Ring of Fire-An Overview
Blaine Bouchard (Senior Policy Advisor, Ring of Fire Secretariat, Ministry of Northern Development and Mines)
HyPM HD Fuel Cell Systems for Heavy Duty Green Mining
Ryan Sookhoo (Hydrogenics)
Minecat UT150-eMV - from concept to reality
Dave Schmidt (Industrial Fabrication Inc.)
Underground mining: Alternative to diesel-powered Load-Haul-Dump vehicles (LHD)
Rémi Desrosiers, David Willick (GE Mining)
An overview of underground LHD automation
Mikko Koivunen & Marty Adams (Sandvik Mining)
Effects of corn-based FAME biodiesels on particulate and gaseous emissions from naturally aspirated diesel engine
Aleksandar D. Bugarski, Jon A. Hummer, and Shawn Vanderslice (NIOSH)
CDPF solution considerations
Gary Robb (Airflow Catalyst Systems)
Evaluation a continuously regenerating DPF system
Joe Stachulak (MIRARCO), Cheryl Allen, and Kevin Watson (Vale)
Underground mining: Reduction of PM and NO2 by SMF technologies of HJS/T.F. Hudgins
Michael Mazzuca (T.F. Hudgins) and Peter Neumann (HJS Emission Technology)
The Development of a New Maintenance Tool for Raw DPM Measurement
Sean McGinn (MKNIZD Factors) and Brian Davies (Australia)
NanoMet3 First PEMS‐PN Instrument
Andreas Knecht, Luis Cachon and David Imhof (Matter Aerosol AG, Switzerland)
Role of environmental enclosures in reducing exposure of underground miners to diesel aerosols
Aleksandar D. Bugarski, and James D. Noll (NIOSH)
Keynote Address: Diesel Exhaust: Human Health and the Workplace
Joel Carr (Health and Safety Coordinator, Health Safety Industrial Relations Training Fund-Unifor)
Understanding emission profiles and health effects of biofuels
Krystal Pollitt (University of Toronto, University of Massachusetts)
The Effect of Diesel Oxidation Catalysts on NO2 Emission from Mining Vehicles
Joe Stachulak (MIRARCO), Mahe Gangal (CanmetMINING), and Cheryl Allen (Vale)
Retrofit Crankcase Ventilation for Diesel Engines
John Stekar (Catalytic Exhaust Products Ltd.)
Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polymer X-1R Fuel Additive for Diesel Emissions Reductions
Brian Taylor, Terry Craig, Jeff Ketchledge and John March (X-1R Corporation)
Biodiesel as a Control Strategy for Reducing Exposure of Underground Miners to Diesel Aerosols: Effects of Toxicological Properties of Emitted Aerosols
Anna A. Shvedova, Mariana Farcas, Elena Kisin, and Naveena Yanamala(NIOSH Morgantown), M. Eileen Birch (NIOSH Cincinnati), Aleksandar D. Bugarski and Jon A. Hummer (NIOSH Pittsburgh)
Ministry of Labour Underground Diesel Equipment Survey for Mine Operators and Contractors
Glenn Staskus (Ontario Ministry of Labour)
MDEC – Mining Diesel Emissions Council update
Oreste Simonetta (Canadian Standards Association)
Comparing the EPA Non-road Transient Cycle (NRTC) with CanmetMINING LHD test cycles
David Young, Brent Rubeli, and Mahe Gangal (CanmetMINING), Lars Bark (Volvo Penta), and Denis Ward (SwRI)
Final Plenary Consultation
Mahe Gangal (Co-Chair MDEC Conference)

Diesel Workshop

Workshop agenda & presentations