MDEC 2013, October 8 - 10, 2013, Toronto, ON

Conference Presentations

Conference agenda

Keynote Address: The Future of Diesel Engine Technolgy
John Wall, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Cummins Inc.
Fuel borne catalysts and aerosol emissions from sintered metal filtration system
Aleksandar D. Bugarski, NIOSH
HJS/TFH approach for NO2 neutral DPM technology by SMF
Bob Clayton, T.F. Hudgins Inc.
Vehicle pre-assessments for extended DPF performance
Paul Grylls, DCL International
Diesel emission in underground mining—A program for control, shared learning from Queensland, Australia
Kevin Hedges, former Senior Principal Occupational Hygienist, Queensland Mines Inspectorate
Underground real time diesel exhaust gas sampling update
Cheryl Allen, Vale Canada Ltd.
Study of diesel emissions relating to air quality in the ramp at Niobec mine
Sean McGinn, MKNIZD Factors Inc.
Diesel exhaust emissions and its adverse health effects
Masood Ahmed, Occupational Health Clinics for Ontario Workers
Establishing total airflow requirements for underground metal/non-metal mines based on the diesel equipment fleet
J. Danial Stinnette, Mine Ventilation Services
Keynote Address: Particle number PNC replacing particle mass PM for emission and ambient control
Andreas Mayer, VERT
HyPM HD fuel cell systems for heavy duty green mining
Ryan Sookhoo, Hydrogenics Corp.
Provincial mining ventilation blitz update
Glenn Staskus, Ontario Ministry of Labour
Engine certification testing and ventilation rates for Tier 4 update
Brent Rubeli, Natural Resources Canada
Impact of diesel equipment on ventilation in Quebec underground mines
Rody K. Mafuta, Laval University
Effect of in-use DOCs on NO2 emission in the underground operation
Joe Stachulak, Vale
SCR retrofit emissions reductions for mining equipment at Sifto Canada
Ivan Luke, Nett Technologies
Progress on NH3-SCR catalyst for NOx reduction applicable to mining diesel engines
D. Young, CanmetMINING
Final Plenary Consultation
Mahe Gangal, Co-Chair MDEC Conference

Diesel Workshop

Workshop agenda & presentations