MDEC 2009, October 4-9, 2009, Richmond Hill, ON

Conference Presentations

Conference agenda

Keynote Address: Business Approach to Mine Air Quality and Ventilation
Michael J. Byrne, Newmont Mining Company
Evaluation of the impact of using biodiesel fuel in mine production equipment
Brent Rubeli, Natural Resources Canada
Controlling exposure to DPM: Diesel particulate filters vs. biodiesel
Aleksandar D. Bugarski, NIOH
The national renewable diesel demonstration initiative (NRDDI)
Nancy Johns, Natural Resources Canada
Success through fuel borne catalysts in the mining
Volker Hensel, Mann+Hummel
NO2 management in diesel exhaust in mines
Joseph Holroyd, Airflow Catalyst Systems
Retrofit SCR system for NOx control from heavy-duty mining equipment
M.A. Mannan, Nett Technologies
An eight year look at diesel particulate matter (DPM) results—Vale Inco Ltd.
D.F. O’Connor, Vale Inco Ltd.
Real-time airborne diesel particulate matter monitoring in underground mines
Michel Grenier, Natural Resources Canada
A real-time, wearable elemental carbon monitor for diesel particulate measurements in underground mines
Larry Takiff, ICx Normadics
Keynote Address: Advanced Diesel Engines and the Exhaust Emission Controls
John H. Johnson, Michigan Technological University
MDEC Final Plenary Consultation
Mahe Gangal, Co-Chair, MDEC Conference
The Mining Diesel Emissions Council: Looking Back & Ahead
Edward Richards, EPR Consulting
Soot Accumulation in Diesel Particulate Filters Using ULSD and B20 Biodiesel Fuel Blends
James S. Wallace, University of Toronto
Development of aluminium alloys for high temperature applications in diesel engines
W. Kasprzak, CANMET-MTL
Performance Evaluation of Underground Mine Diesel Engine Exhaust Insulation Products
John Stekar, CEP
Partial flow diesel particulate filters—Practical experiences
Paul Turpin, DCL International
New chemical tracers for diesel source emission apportionment in ambient fine particulate matter
Environment Canada
Optimized mine ventilation on demand (OMVOD)
Mark Anderson, Simsmart Technologies

Roundtable Discussion Summary

MDEC Roundtable Panel: Fuels
JP Ouellette, Kubota Canada
MDEC Roundtable Panel: DPM and NO2
Aleksandar Bugarski, NIOSH
MDEC Roundtable Panel: Engines and Vehicles
John Vergunst, Ontario Ministry of Labour

Diesel Workshop

Workshop agenda & presentations