MDEC 2008, October 5-10, 2008, Richmond Hill, ON

Conference Presentations

Conference agenda

Keynote Address: Health Effects of Diesel Emissions
Joe Mauderly (Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute)
Testing SMF diesel particulate filter in underground mining
Frank Stephan (MANN + HUMMEL GmbH)
Evaluation of an electrically regenerated sintered metal diesel particulate filter system in underground mine laboratory
Aleksandar D. Bugarski, Emanuele Cauda, Samuel J. Janisko, Larry D. Patts, Jon A Hummer, and Steven E Mischler (NIOSH)
An overview of Henderson mine ‘s DPM program and the conversion to biodiesel
David Loring and Chris Rizzardi (Henderson Mine)
Off-road demonstration projects
John Karim (California Environmental Protection Agency)
Effects of biodiesel on aerosols in underground mine
Aleksandar D. Bugarski, Emanuele Cauda, Samuel J. Janisko, Larry D. Patts, Jon A Hummer, Steven E. Mischler (NIOSH)
Mine Real-time DPM ambient monitoring
Stewart Gillies (Missouri University of Science and Technology)
Tail-pipe measurements of particulate emissions from LD vehicles with diesel engines: A direct comparison of five different measurement methods
Hans-Georg Horn and Robert C. Anderson (TSI)
Emissions results from 2008 On-Highway Pickups
Steve ‘Skinner’ Forbush (Arch Coal)
Keynote Address: What we expect to find in underground DPM ambient monitoring
Stewart Gilles (Missouri University of Science and Technology)
Real-time DPM monitoring in underground mines
Michel Grenier , Kevin Butler & Stephen Hardcastle (NRCan), Cheryl Allen & Colin McAnulty (Vale Inco) and Ron Pilon (USWA)
Hybrid passive active diesel particulate filters
Kevin Brown (ECS)
An innovative and integrated safe DPF cleaning process
Shun Hong Long (ECS)
NO2 emissions from a diesel engine powered vehicle in underground mines
Emanuele Cauda, Aleksandar D. Bugarski and Steven E. Mischler (NIOSH)
Double wall exhaust systems to reduce surface temperatures
John Botelho (Pipe in Pipe Exhaust Co.)
Final Plenary Consultation
Mahe Gangal (Co-chair MDEC Conference)

Roundtable Discussion Summary

MDEC Roundtable Panel: DPM Regulation & Engine Certification
Michel Grenier (NRCan)
MDEC Roundtable Panel: Diesel Particulates
Aleksandar Bugarski (NIOSH)
MDEC Roundtable Panel: Lubricants and Fuels
Brent Rubeli (NRCan)
MDEC Roundtable Panel: Diesel Particulate Filters
Alain Landry (Xstrata Nickel)

Diesel Workshop

Workshop agenda & presentations