MDEC 2004, October 13-15, 2004, Markham, ON

Conference Presentations

Conference agenda

DEEP—Where We Have Been
Bruce Conard (INCO)
Long-term Evaluation of DPF Systems at INCO
Joe Stachulak (INCO)
Evaluation of Diesel Particulate Filter Systems at INCO’s Stobie Mine
George Schnakenberg and Aleksandar Bugarski (NIOSH-Pittsburgh)
Sharing What We Learned—The Diesel Emissions Evaluation Program Technology Transfer Initiatives
Michel Grenier (NRCan/CANMET-MMSL)
Preliminary Results from Isolated Zone Testing of Diesel Emission Control Technologies
Aleksandar Bugarski and George Schnakenberg (NIOSH-Pittsburgh)
Demonstration of Hydrogen as a Viable Fuel at an Underground Metal Mine
Richard Anderson (Stillwater Mining Co.), Chelsea Woodward and Floyd Varley (NIOSH, Spokane Research Laboratory)
Keynote Address
Karl Simon (U.S. EPA)
Eliminating Particle Emissions from Diesel Engines in Construction and Underground—Experience based on 7000 Trap-Retrofits in Switzerland
Andreas Mayer (TTM Switzerland)
Emission Control System for Diesel Engines
Hiroshi Matsuoka (Apex Co.,Ltd, Japan) and Hidetoshi Sakai (Tanaka Kikinzoku Hanbai K.K, Japan)
Controlling Diesel Particulate Exposures in Underground Mines
Robert A. Haney (MSHA)
The Effect of Simulated Engine Faults on the Emissions of Mechanically- and Electronically-Controlled Diesel Engines
Brent Rubeli, Mahe Gangal and David Young (NRCan/CANMET-MMSL)
Sampling of DPM Exposures in Metal and Nonmetal Mines in the United States: Update of Baseline Sampling and First Year Enforcement Experience
Doris Ann Cash and William Baughman (MSHA)
Update on MSHA’s Technical Support Work
George Saseen (Mine Safety and Health Administration)
Current Developments and Future Opportunities of the Fuel Cell Mining Program
Marc C. Bétournay (NRCan/CANMET-MMSL), Arnold R. Miller and David L. Barnes (Fuelcell Propulsion Institute)
Risk, Regulatory and Implementation Associated with Underground Mining Applications of Hydrogen Fuel Cells
Fred C. Delabbio, Doug Eastick and Chris Graves (HATCH), and Marc C. Bétournay (NRCan/CANMET-MMSL)
Refuelling of Hydrogen Fuelcell Vehicles in Underground Mining Applications
Fred C. Delabbio, and Doug Eastick (HATCH), Marc C. Bétournay and G. Desrivières (NRCan/CANMET-MMSL)
Fuel Cell Powered Light Duty Mining Vehicle, Hydrogenics Corporation
Krystal Williams (John Deere ePower Technologies), G. Desrivières and M.C. Bétournay (NRCan/CANMET-MMSL), F. Delabbio and D. Eastick (HATCH)
Update on Diesel Exhaust Control Technology and Regulations
Tim Johnson (Corning)
Low NO2 CRT® Particulate Filter Systems for Diesel Engine Exhaust in Mining Applications
Richard O’Sullivan, Joe Stevenson, Andy Walker, Peter Werth (Johnson Matthey Environmental Catalysts and Technologies)
The Effect of Valve Coating on Diesel Engine Emissions
Lionel Gillston (Diesel Engine Transformations, LLP)
Destructive/Non-destructive Inspection and Failure Analysis of Diesel Particulate Filters and Catalytic Converters
David Young, Brent Rubeli and Mahe Gangal (NRCan/CANMET-MMSL)
Optimisation of an Electrically Regenerated Diesel Particulate Filter System for North American Mining Applications
Don A Malgast (Lubrizol Engine Control Systems)
Ventilation Design Strategy for Trackless Deep Underground Mines
Alex Rawlins (University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa)
Swedish Strategy and “Know How” to Curtail Diesel Soot in Mining Industry
Tommy Eriksson (Boliden Mines, Sweden)
Final Plenary Consultation
Mahe Gangal (NRCan/CANMET-MMSL)