MDEC 2002, October 28-31, 2002, Markham, ON

Conference Presentations

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Keynote Address: Heroes and Reasoned and Reasonable Partnerships
Dr. Lewis Wade, Associate Director – Mining, NIOSH
Evaluation of Diesel Particulate Filter Systems at INCO’s Stobie Mine
Aleksandar Bugarski and George Schnakenberg (NIOSH)
Light Duty Vehicle Project Update
Brent Rubeli (NRCan–CANMET)
Concluding the Field Test of Diesel Particulate Filters at Noranda – Brunswick Mine
Sean McGinn (Noranda), Michel Grenier and Mahe Gangal (NRCan-CANMET), Aleksandar Bugarski and George Schnakenberg (NIOSH), Dale Petrie, Ralph Johnson and Mike Kingston (Noranda- Brunswick Mine)
Post-Field Evaluation of DEEP/Noranda Filter Traps
Mahe Gangal, Brent Rubeli, Dave Young & Vince Feres (NRCan-CANMET) and Sean McGinn (Noranda)
Technology Transfer of the DEEP Maintenance Project
Sean McGinn (Noranda), Bob Huzij (Cambrian College) and David Cisyk (IMC Potash)
Canyon Fuel Company’s Diesel Emission Reduction Program
Steve Forbush (Canyon Fuel Company)
Determination of Effective Operating Diesel Engine Power on Ventilation
Kuda R. Mutama (Barrick Goldstrike Mines) and Darren Campbell (Queens University)
Diesel Emulsion Fuel Reduces Diesel Particular Matter in the Mines
Ron O. Dunfee (Lubrizol)
The Fuel Cell Mining Vehicles Development Program: An Update
Marc C. Bétournay (NRCanCANMET)
Development of a Hybrid Scooptram
Sylvain Ouellette and D.A. Young (NRCan-CANMET)
Detroit Diesel Emissions Perspective
Robin Ungar (Detroit Diesel)
MSHA Investigation of NO2 Generation by Platinum-based Catalyzed Ceramic Diesel Particulate Traps
Bob Setren (MSHA)
Passive and Actively Regenerated Particulate Filter Systems for Mining Applications
Kevin Brown (ECS)
Application of Non-Thermal Plasma to Diesel Particulate Control
Hannu Jääskeläinen and James S. Wallace (University of Toronto)
Diesel Particulate—The Australian Experience
Brian Davies (AEHS Pty Ltd/Victoria University of Technology)
Impact of Low-Emission Diesel Engines on Underground Mine Air Quality: Physical Measurements
W. F. Watts (University of Minnesota), S.T. Bagley (Michigan Technological University) and D.B. Kittelson (University of Minnesota)
Impact of Low-Emission Diesel Engines on Underground Mine Air Quality: Chemical and Biological Measurements
S.T. Bagley (Michigan Technological University), W.F. Watts (University of Minnesota), J.J. Schauer (University of Wisconsin-Madison) and J.H. Johnson (Michigan Technological University)
MSHA’s DPM Standard: Sampling and Compliance Strategies for Metal and Non-metal Mines
William Pomroy (MSHA)
Diesel Particulate Filters: Regulations and Status of Technology
W. Addy Majewski (Ecopoint)
Tapered Element Oscillating Microbalance Technology
H. Patashnick, M. Meyer, B. Rogers and B. Anderson (Rupprecht & Patashnick)
Development of an On-Board Diesel Particulate Sampling System with Proportional Flow
B. Rubeli and K. Butler (NRCan-CANMET)
Quantitative Characterization of Diesel Particulates: Development of the Self-Calibrating Laser-Induced Incandescence Technique
W. Stuart Neill, Gregory J. Smallwood and David R. Snelling (National Research Council, Canada), William D. Bachalo (Artium Technologies)

Diesel Workshop

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