MDEC 2001, November 7-8, 2001, Markham, ON

Conference Presentations

Conference agenda

Official opening of Conference
Richard Tobin (NRCan)
Brunswick Mine Particulate Trap Project
Sean McGinn (Noranda)
Field Evaluation of DPFs at Brunswick Mine
Aleksandar Bugarski and George Schnakenberg (NIOSH)
Sampling for Diesel Particulate Matter in Mines
Michel Grenier (CANMET)
Diesel Particulate Filter Study at INCO’s Stobie Mine
Joe Stachulak (INCO), Greg Nault (INCO), George Schnakenberg (NIOSH)
Evaluation of the Contribution of Light Duty Vehicles to the Underground Atmosphere Diesel Emissions Burden—Phase 2 Progress Report
Brent Rubeli (CANMET)
DEEP Technology Transfer Initiatives
Ray Ellington (Morton Salt)
Evaluating the Use of Isokinetic Probes and Aerosol Monitors to Measure DPM in Real Time
Patrick Hintz, Dave Denton and Art Miller (NIOSH)
Occupational Exposures, Monitoring and Control Initiatives in Swedish Mines
Bodil Mellblom (Swedish Mining Association)
New MSHA Standard—Diesel Particulate Matter Exposure of Underground Coal and Metal And Nonmetal Miners
George Saseen (MSHA)
MSHA’s On-Going Diesel Equipment Work
George Saseen and Robert Setren (MSHA)
An Integrated Approach for a Diesel Particulate Control Strategy
Robert Haney (MSHA)
An Active Sootfilter Regeneration System for Light Duty Vehicles
Karen Schirmer (DCL International)
Selection of Diesel Particulate Filter regenerating additives for new diesel engines
Tim Rogers (The Associated Octel Company)
Novel Approach to Reducing Diesel Engine Emissions in the Mining Industry
Ron Dunfee (Lubrizol) and Drew Carlson (Clayton Environmental Services)
Panel Discussion On Mine Diesel Regulations
Michel Grenier (CANMET), Harry Tuggle (USWA), Mike MacFarlane (INCO), George Saseen (MSHA), Ed McCloskey (Ontario Ministry of Labour), John Head (Harding ESE), George Botik (CAW)
Advances in Emission Control Technology for Diesel-Powered On-Road and Off-Road vehicles
Dale McKinnon (MECA)
Charge Air Cooling Practices for Underground Mining
Brent Rubeli (CANMET)
Measurement and Control of Accumulating Diesel Particulate Matter - The Causal Relationship Between Fuel Waste and DPM
Wayne Allison (Mirenco)
Diesel Emission Reduction at Canyon Fuel Companies
Steve Forbush (Canyon Fuel Companies)
Final Plenary Consultation
Mahe Gangal (CANMET)