MDEC 2003, November 4-6, 2003, Markham, ON

Conference Presentations

Conference agenda

INCO/DEEP Diesel Particulate Trap Project
Joe Stachulak (INCO)
Brunswick Mine DPF Project—Final Results and Recommendations
Sean McGinn (McGinn Integration Inc.)
Light Duty Vehicle Project—Final Results and Recommendations
Brent Rubeli, Mahe Gangal, Kevin Butler (NRCan-CANMET), and W. Aldred (Kidd Mining Division)
Testing of Diesel Emissions Control Technologies in Isolated Zone
Aleksandar Bugarski and George Schnakenberg (NIOSH)
Diesel Emissions Reduction Program (DERP) at Falconbridge Ltd. – Sudbury Mines
Mike Cousins (Falconbridge Ltd.) and Sean McGinn (McGinn Integration Inc.)
The Development of an Engine/Filter Monitoring System
Wayne Borean (Nett Technologies)
The Effect of Altitude (Elevation) on Engine Emissions
Robert Setren (MSHA)
NO2 Behaviour in Diesel Exhaust Gas Purifier for Mines
Arno Amberla, Seppo I, Keränen, Per-Arne Wiklund (FinnKatalyst Ltd)
MSHA’s Laboratory Investigations of Diesel Engine Emission Control Devices
Robert Setren (MSHA)
Influence of Catalytically Active Particulate Trap on the Chemical Composition of Diesel Exhaust Gas
Thierry Leprince, Mojghan Naseri and Shazam Williams (DCL International)
Diesel Emissions Reduction using Dry System Technology
Terry McDonald (Dry Systems® Technologies)
DPM Results Using Various Blends of Bio-Diesel Fuel Mixtures in a Stone Mine
M.J. Schultz, R.A. Haney and D.J. Atchison (MSHA)
Baseline Sampling of DPM Exposures in Metal and Nonmetal Mines in the United States
Doris Ann Cash, William Baughman, William Pomroy and Robert Haney (MSHA)
Study to Assess the Performance of Ceramic Diesel Particulate Filters for Reducing Diesel Emissions
Kenneth Fields, William Pomroy, George Saseen and Robert Haney (MSHA)
Diesel Particulate Filter Used in Underground Coal Mines
Steve Forbush (Canyon Fuel Company)
Fuel Economy with Significant Reduction in Unwanted Emissions
Lionel Gillston (Diesel Engine Transformations, LLP)
Comparison of Diesel Emissions from a Conventional LHD Engine and a Proposed Hybrid Version
David Young, Brent Rubeli and Mahe Gangal (NRCan–CANMET)
Fuelcell Versus Diesel Loader Operation – Mine Ventilation Cost Benefit Study
Charles Kocsis and Stephen Hardcastle (NRCan–CANMET)
Thermal Regeneration System Performance – Inter-Laboratory Data Comparison
Mahe Gangal, Brent Rubeli, David Young (NRCan–CANMET), Prasad Tumati and Nik Birkby (ArvinMeritor)
Significant Reduction in NO2 and PM Emissions through the Careful Design of DPF System
Paul Richards (Associated Octel Company) and John Chadderton (Adastra)
Diesel Reformers for On-board Hydrogen Application in Exhaust Aftertreatment Systems
Mark Mauss and Wayne Wnuck (HydrogenSource)
Ontario Underground Diesel Survey – 2002
John Vergunst (Ontario Ministry of Labour)
A Comprehensive Compliance Strategy for the Reduction of DPM
Daniel Stinnette (Mine Ventilation Services)
Final Plenary Consultation
Mahe Gangal (NRCan-CANMET)