MDEC Scholarship Fund

The MDEC Scholarship Fund was established in 2010 to support education for post-secondary students. The Scholarship Fund was founded with the goal of providing assistance to students, regardless of their field of study, who have demonstrated their commitment to academic success, community service, and who have or plan to have an affiliation with the mining industry.

MDEC Scholarship Winners: Congratulations!

2023 Scholarship Winner

Megan Wickie
Laurentian University

Evaluating the Healthcare and Economic Burden of High Diesel Particulate Matter Occupational Exposure Limits in Northern Ontario’s Underground Mining Industry.
My research aims to fill a gap in our understanding of diesel exhaust exposures, and their link with cardiovascular diseases in the mining industry. It will inform the industry's strategies to mitigate the exposure and associated health risks, leading to a healthier and more productive workforce. By working directly within the industry or in a mining-related service/supply industry, I will be able to apply the findings of my research to real-world situations, driving change, and improvement in the health and safety standards within the industry.

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