MDEC Scholarship Fund

The MDEC Scholarship Fund was established in 2010 to support education for post-secondary students. The Scholarship Fund was founded with the goal of providing assistance to students, regardless of their field of study, who have demonstrated their commitment to academic success, community service, and who have or plan to have an affiliation with the mining industry.

MDEC Scholarship Winners: Congratulations!

2020 Scholarship Winner

Julianna Weldon
University of British Columbia

I’m Julianna, and I’ve been awarded the 2020 MDEC scholarship. It’s an honour to be supported by the industry—it’s encouraging to see more and more organisations reaching out to the student population and helping support us through our scholastic terms. I’m especially thrilled to be chosen by the Mining Diesel Emissions Council—the work done, both via technology and innovation, or policy and regulation, to reduce diesel emissions in the mining industry is a critical step in the right direction. In schools, we’re gearing more and more towards environmental initiatives, and considering a broader definition of sustainability—not just environmental impacts, but societal and economic impacts as well. So once again thank you to everyone, and thank you to the MDEC for supporting students like me.

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