MDEC 2020, October 6-7, 2020, Toronto, ON

Conference Program

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Day 2—October 7, 2020: Diesel Engine Certification Testing

Conference Presentations

Keynote: Diesel particle deposition in the airways and the induction of inflammation
Sandra Dorman, Laurentian University
In-use Emissions Verification Testing for Diesel Engines in Underground Mining Operations
Brent Rubeli, CanmetMINING
CSA standards update: M424 mobile equipment
Tania Donovska, CSA Group
Barrick Hemlo DPM Management: Lessons Learned Looking Back
Hannah Demers, Barrick Gold
Final Plenary Consultation
David Young and Brent Rubeli, CanmetMINING

Workshop: Canadian Diesel Engine Certification and Demonstration

Overview of Certification for Diesel Engines to the CSA M424 Standards
David Young and Brent Rubeli, CanmetMINING
Southwest Research: Powertrain Engineering (1)
Michael Kocsis, SwRI
Southwest Research: Powertrain Engineering (2)
Devin Kelly, SwRI